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13213Re: [tips_and_tricks] Re: HJR-192 repealed - public law 95-147

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  • Lola
    Dec 31, 2006
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      I think the suggestion below is sound.  I believe Handyman earlier stated that one of the remedies against a "$" judgment was to motion the judge to define what "$x,xxx" means while filing a judicial notice on the meaning of money as defined by the law of the land.

      Ron Goodger <lrgoodger@...> wrote:
      I agree with Frog Farmer, the FRN as legal tender issue needs tested, but I urge caution.  It needs done properly by one of our more experienced members (like FF or Handyman) to keep from losing and setting a bad precedent.  If a more inexperienced member is going to do it, then all of us need to work on the procedure together with him as a group to prevent this.
      The discussion so far on this topic has been in bits and pieces.  I have yet to see a point by point articulation of the argument supported by statutes and case law.

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