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13028Re: Bank changing amount of priciple due on a mortgage

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  • soc_anon_01
    Nov 30 11:34 PM
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      The answer to your question lies within the agreement you entered into
      with the MORTGAGE "LENDER?". Within that document it spells out what
      can and cannot take place, ie..what addishinal charges you may be
      charged, when, and how.

      Get a copy of "The Default Provisions of the Revised Artical 9 "UCC"
      from the ABA; ISBN: 1-57073-759-2; by calling 1-800-285-2221.

      Think this out clearly, then act.


      "susanne waid" <susannew@...> wrote:
      > My mortgage lender has changed the principle amount due on my
      mortgage loan
      > by transferring a "recoverable corporate advance", which I have
      disputed, to
      > the principle amount due. In spite of searching on the net for over
      an hour
      > and a half under every category that I could think of, I cannot find any
      > statutes governing this situation. Does any forum member have a
      > suggestion as to where I might search? I would greatly appreciate your
      > input. Susanne Waid
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