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  • Don Schwarz
    Oct 31, 2006
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      In Massachusetts, all complaints against
      a judge are treated by a "Star Chamber"
      proceedings that are secret.

      There could be a 1000 complaints against
      a judge and no one would know.

      But a judge in Illinois has 3 complaints
      and they must get off the bench until
      the complaints are cleared.

      Massachusetts has even more problems
      than I was aware of....................

      At 02:51 PM 10/31/06 -0700, you wrote:
      In Illinois it's 3 strikes and he's out. If there are 3 complaints the
      judge can't hear any more cases untill they get the others cleared up.
      or at  least this is the way I understand it.

      On 10/30/06, law_self_help <law_self_help@...> wrote:
      > The all too common situation of a Judge engaging in misconduct when faced
      > with a Pro Se litigant can be used to start a process either parallel to an

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