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  • BeFreeNow1@aol.com
    Apr 6 12:06 PM
      In a message dated 4/6/03 12:12:33 PM Central Daylight Time, tkearse@... writes:

      The issue of "arguments are for fools" is traverse and demurer.  I learned it from a man who won a $6 million judgement in a title 42 suit.  
      I have some wins: 1.administratively in staying out of court with IRS, and 2: in state circus court.  Both were BIG cases.
      What have you won?

      Thank you for your response and congratulations on your wins. Yes, I to have had some small wins. Not in court however, but in state administrative offices that have brought their directives back in line with the relevant constitution and statute.  You are correct that in a courtroom legal proceeding the presentation of an argument may be a traverse and/or a demurrer.  However, this is not a legal courtroom of either law or equity.  I simply want someone to answer my questions concerning sin, with a reasoned response in plain English without religious jargon or just quoted "scripture" without exegesis.  Can you do this please?  If not, maybe someone else could?  
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