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  • Tom Kearse
    Apr 6, 2003
      The issue of "arguments are for fools" is traverse and demurer.  I learned it from a man who won a $6 million judgement in a title 42 suit. 
      I have some wins: 1.administratively in staying out of court with IRS, and 2: in state circus court.  Both were BIG cases.
      What have you won?
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      First principle i was taught in dealing with the justus system is "arguments are for fools"  It has served me well enough.  In fact, only exceeded by the Word of the Lawgiver.

      Who taught you that?  Was he/she qualified to make that statement? What was the context of that statement?  Do you know the difference between an argument and a quarrel?  Just in case that you don't here is the difference.  Contrary to popular nominclature, arguments are reasoned responses to inquiry. Also thay are called an apologia or in English an apology.  In the science of Argumentation they are also called a syllogism that is usually based upon a premise. What is your unspoken premise?  Reasons, answers, argument, a syllogism for why one believes something.  Can you articulate a reasoned answer/argument/syllogism for your beliefs beyond quoting your favorite "scriptures?"  Can you provide at least a basic exegesis for those passages?  And speaking of the "justus" (sic) system, can you provide us with examples of your "wins" in court without "arguments?"

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