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12514Re: [tips_and_tricks] Liberty Dollar 'illegal' update Yea!

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  • RAYMON Tate
    Oct 1, 2006
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      THE COINAGE ACT gave congress the authority to regulate the money that's all there were always private assay offices that took gold in and gave paper deposits showing evidence of gold to be paid to the bearer on demand it wasn't until the big bankers had enough control of the population that they coned that only they may issue money it has always been a weight and measure thing. the problem that i have with the liberty dollar is the standard of measurement for one dollar is so many fines of gold or silver and the liberty dollar mints the proper amount then puts a bigger face value on it like $10 or $20 when that weight and measure is for one constitutional dollar.

      ScrewieLo@... wrote:
      "the US Mint issued a warning that the use of the Liberty Dollar was a 'federal crime.'"
      We should remember the old warning that it least doth mean what it most doth say.  I don't have the US Mint's September 14th warning, so I cannot study their language.  But on the surface it makes sense to me.  The Liberty Dollar is a non-government Medium of Exchange and it probably would be a crime for government to use the Liberty Dollar or to force its use upon anyone.  So the question becomes "who would be the person to whom they refer that is committing a crime if they/it used the Liberty Dollar?".
      By a simple resolution government may make the official color of ink blue-black and make it a crime to use any other color.  But that doesn't apply to you and me.

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