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1251Re: Fw: Pepsi Pledge

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  • Badger
    Apr 3 1:04 PM
      >>To me a Good Christian adheres to his/her beliefs and does not
      impose his/her beliefs on others (call them [and/or their religion
      and/or religous beliefs] **wrong**, threaten them with [the
      Christian] hell, etc.).

      << there is a difference between threatening and warning. >>

      I would concur if not nearly all such "warnings" were being stated as
      though "absolute fact" and not as the warner's" merely religious
      belief/opinion, and often proclaimed at the top of the lungs of
      the "warner".... [bg]

      << So gravity is self existent? >>

      Can you defy gravity without outside assistance? [bg]

      (Baffled and wondering why when I reply to posts *at* the
      tips_and_tricks Yahoo Group site, I receive "rejection" emails at my
      email box, claiming I'd emailed said reply as though I'd not posted
      it via the site....),
      A patriot who "happens" not to be Christian
      [To be more precise: of the Oldest/First Religion (by around
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