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12507I Review "America: Freedom to Fascism"

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  • Dale Pond
    Sep 30, 2006
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      America: Freedom to Fascism, a review.

      Yesterday (9/29/06) I set out to see this film at it's first showing in Denver. Before the day was done I was away for ten hours and had traveled 338 miles. It was worth it...

      This movie has a punch right to the gut. Judging from the reactions of the vocal audience one can tell it was impacting many of them too. Some viewers yelled out in agreement with the plot and dialogues while most however appeared stunned by what they were seeing.

      Afterwards I asked my buddy what he thought of the movie. He said he had been familiar with some of the information presented but overall the film scared him. Judging from his conversation during the next two hours I'd say it terrified him.....

      The one interview with Cohen, ex-IRS Commissioner, is sufficient to END FOR ALL TIME the IRS. No one with any intelligence at all seeing that dialogue would ever send in another 1040 or any other lip service to that now proven and self-admited criminal organization. These people, by his own admission, are operating entirely outside of the law and have been since day one of their nefarious existence.

      Do whatever it takes, even driving all day for hundreds of miles, to see this America changing movie. Your life is NOT going to be the same.

      There is still time to catch this film:


      Friday/Saturday, September 29 & 30, 2006

      Regency Theatres Tamarac Square
      7777 East Hampden Avenue
      Denver, Colorado 80231

      MORE INFO:

      7777 East Hampden Avenue
      Denver, CO 80231
      Friday/Saturday, SEPTEMBER 29 & 30
      12 noon, 2:30, 5:00, 7:30PM (90 min)
      Q & A with Filmmaker AARON RUSSO will be Friday and Saturday after the 
      7:30PM showing, Q & A starting at 9:27PM

      America: Freedom To Fascism home page:

      Interview with Aaron Russo: 

      This 14 min. DVD Can Be Played In A DVD Player:

          Above is a review by Dale Pond, so we thought we'd give a report as well.

          Jim and I arrived two hours early last night to purchase tickets to America:  Freedom to Fascism - only to find out that the 7:30 showing was sold out.  However, the ticket sellers hastened to say that they had added another showing at 8:00 - it too was soon sold out - so they had to add yet another showing after 9:00 p.m.  As we purchased our tickets, I turned to my left to find who had just walked up, and it was Aaron Russo!  What a joy to have a few minutes to visit with Aaron and give him our heartfelt thanks for all he is doing to wake up the uninformed and brainwashed Americans.  

          When we returned after dinner, it was sooooo fun seeing all the other wonderful Americans we know who, over many years,  have spent hours and hours educating themselves and others.  As we sat down, we were delighted to turn around and see John and Sharon Voss who ran the American Barter and Commodity Assoc. and who put out an excellent American history-filled newsletter for years.  We had the good fortune of having them move near us 'out on the county road' some years ago. 

          In case you don't know their story, they had built ABCA to the point where they had 14 offices across America to help educate other Americans.  A part of what they did to help people was exchange worthless fiat fed notes for the constitutionally mandated gold and silver and then store it for people who wished to have it safeguarded.  One day, the criminal IRS raided all 14 offices at once, stole all the gold and silver and then proceeded to falsely and maliciously attack John Voss.  We attended part of John's so-called trial here in Denver and witnessed, once again, how the unjust courts are being horribly misused against the American people as John was convicted for merely educating people about American History and how to become more self sufficient!!!.  How is that different than Fascism?  We agree with Aaron  - and millions of other awake Americans!!!  It IS facism at work!!!

          We were delighted to see soooo many other friends, but were especially uplifted to see hundreds and hundreds of new faces.  Yea!  Aaron has produced and is having to distribute his excellent documentary on 'his own - since no Hollywood studios or distribution systems would help.  Aaron's request to us was to go to his website and volunteer to do what we can to help:

      For America!!!
      Janet Lee Meisinger

      Life, Light, Love & Laughter,
      Dale Pond
      Sympathetic Vibratory Physics

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