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1249Re: Pledging for Days...

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  • Tim Kiley
    Apr 3, 2003
      Since the Bible is to be used in all things, we are unable to "define"
      God-fearing and fear of God in human terms. I was taught that we use the
      Bible to determine what the Bible is telling us. "Fear of God" does not
      equate with God-fearing. When the Bible refers to "fearing God", it is
      telling us to have reverance and awe for our one, true creator.

      If we try to impose worldly considerations and explanations for spiritual
      things we will come up short and confused every time.

      And zeusaphobia... ? Please.

      Tim Kiley

      zeusaphobia ("must be GOd fearing;" to wit: fear of
      > Deity). I have no reason to fear Deity. I love'em.
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