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  • Tom Kearse
    Apr 1, 2003
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      Badger: The jurisdictions you refer to their laws and codes are man made.
      The jurisdiction of God comes from His position as creator. He is the
      "author" therefore, He is the Authority". His laws are not like mans laws.
      You may think you can fly, but jump off the roof of the barn, and you better
      hope there is a deep pile of something soft on the ground below. His laws
      are immutable. People and nations may turn from God, and seem to get by
      with it for a while, but God is just allowing them to fill up their cup of
      He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to know
      his saving love and grace. Of course, many of His representatives are
      hipocrites, including myself more often than i wish to admit. But if a
      hipocrite is standing between you and God, who is closer to God?
      If permitted, i would like to explore this further with you. By the grace
      and permision of the group, we might do it openly, or if not, privately.


      ps. God is a "gentleman", He forces himself on no-one, but extends an
      offer, to wthose who will receive Him.

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      > << I'm afraid that what's coming next most people will not be able to
      > handle!
      > "The nation that forgets God shall be turned into hell." >>
      > All well and good for Christians for whom such a hell exists. What
      > about those religions that have no hell in their afterlife? It's the
      > same as our not being bound to non applicable codes and rules
      > disguised as "laws." Just as they saw it's law doesn't make it so:
      > just because one religion claims there's a hell doesn't mean those
      > not involved in that path goes *there*. <g>
      > realbadger
      > A patriot who "happens" not to be Christian
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