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  • Thomas Galletly
    Sep 4, 2006

      Can anyone help this lady or advise what steps to take?

      Thanks.  Tom

      Wanted: Help getting my kids back from CPS

      My children were taken away by cps because I was "mentally unstable"
      and my husband neglected them by failing to protect them from me. My
      husband moved out and got a new place so the kids wouldn't have to be
      with his mom all the time. She has guardianship at the moment, but cps
      lets my husband have access to them whenever he wants. Our case keeps
      going back and forth between case managers, and it just seems like cps
      doesn't care. They have been gone for five months, and we only get
      to see each other once a week for two hours. We celebrated my son's
      seventh birthday in a cps conference room.

      I am much better now, as I have been consistently taking my medicine,
      and have been attending parenting classes and also a support group for
      those who have depression and bi polar disorder. I have also been in
      weekly therapy sessions since April, and I have started school again.
      They won't trust me with the kids until I am "stable", but who could
      ever be stable when their family has been ripped apart? Not having my
      children is really taking its toll on me despite the medications. No
      pill can take away the heartbreak of losing your family. Sorry to
      ramble so much, but I just don't know what to do anymore.

      sweetie2u85741 [ColdRainNThunder@...]

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