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11908Re: [tips_and_tricks] Re: The Judge Won't Rule On My Motions

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  • Email41@aol.com
    Aug 7, 2006
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      i hope the international man to understand the real situation in
      china ,especially the law system,the law is the first in america and
      other developed countries ,but in china it is maybe the second even
      the third the fourth.
      What made America different from the beginning was the heart of the people in America. If a man cannot govern his own heart, he is incapable of governing anything else. The reason in America's history that Law is first is because the majority considered themselves servants of their Creator, and benefactors of the salvation offered them through His son, Y'shua. The written commandments of Scripture were the instructions regarding their duties. This is what made law first, Yahuah, who is the law giver for all of the universe. History proves that where the Creator is first, so is the law, where those who refuse to obey the commandments of the Creator, then anarchy eventually reigns. All of this to say, if you want Law to be first in China, you must change the heart of the Chinese people. Obedience to the Law will then follow.

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