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11891The Judge Won't Rule On My Motions

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  • ¹úÔ£ Éò
    Aug 6, 2006
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      thanks to reply me.maybe you have chance to come to china ,to see the true law in people's lives.you say the illusion of law is very important in america,but you know there is no alittle illusion of law in China, especially the normal people,even the government officers,if the elites do not have the illusion of law,i think it'snothing ,but the officers of autheritse have no illusion of law is big problem,you know.
      the law in China cannot hamper the users,the donnot give up the laws,including
      bad or good ones.you say the lawyers is first in America,but you maybe donnot know lawyer is the third even nothing in China,lawyers in some cities even have no money to help himself. it's quite diffirent between the two nations.
      best wishes to you!

      Frog Farmer <frogfrmr@...> 写道:

      On Aug 5, 2006, at 2:16 AM, guyuprince wrote:

      > the judge in america stands for justice !but maybe in china it
      > stand for nothing,even badman who do bad things to normal people .we
      > normal peaple are eagle to change the situation in china ,but we are
      > poor in power,we can't express ourselves to the government,thereis
      > no efficence no true justice..
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