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11860Child custody

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    Aug 2, 2006
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      I would like to see if anyone has any knowledge on this matter. I
      have a stepson that is 15 yrs. old & he went to visit his dad in Ohio
      for the summer as he does every year. Last week his dad talked him
      into staying & my wife ( his mom ) or I do not want him there because
      he has no supervision & we know what a 15 yr. old can get himself
      into. My wife called an attorney down there & in the state of Ohio
      her X has no say so in the matter since he has lived in Fl. for over
      11 yrs. Her X went & filed to modify custody & to get child support
      on the grounds that he just wanted to stay, but tells his mom he wants
      to stay here. Her attorney is filing to dismiss the case & get
      emergency return of the child. We had to call an attorney here to
      domosticate foreign order, modify oral custody & to enforce. Both
      attorney's say her X has nothing to stand on. It is an open & close
      case, yet this joker wants $4,500.00 to do this. I was hoping someone
      would have some advice or at least something we could try. Thanks &
      have a Yehoshua filled day.