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11858We need a support group when we fight back!

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  • Don Schwarz
    Aug 2, 2006
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      Fellow sufferers of a corrupt justice system...............

      If we are going to fight back against corruption,
      we will all need a group of supporters in which
      to call upon to help with the support of your case.

      Even if you use an attorney, you should get a
      core of supporters who will help you gather information,
      write letters and show up in court.

      Recently in Quincy, Mass. and Asian-American couple
      were stopped by a state trooper.

      When they went to court some 140 Asian-Americans showed
      up in support.

      This Asian American couple may not suffer under the
      corruption of Mass. courts as many have.

      If you are going to fight corruption, make sure you
      get a group of supporters in which to help you
      with anything they can and to be there in court.