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1169Justice's habeas; declaratory & injunctive

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  • legalbear
    Mar 1, 2003

      From: Linda Sanders [mailto:cmtv@...]

      It's beautifully written, David.  You've unfolded the principle of law very clearly.  You know what you've also done?  You have not provided a back door - some type of reversible procedural error that they can work with.  They CANNOT let you win the issue because it would create civil rights lawsuit from here to eternity.  You've basically argued that even if the commercial v. private ownership laws are not recognized, they must allow equal treatment for those with firmly held religious beliefs.  So far, the IRS recognizes Morman and Amish - (Mormans don't pay SS tax or other taxes although the Amish are currently under attack) so there is no reason why the Kingdom of Heaven shouldn't also be an exempt religion.   But then EVERYONE will be asking for exemption.  Lastly, this pleading is so schoIarly, I wonder if a judge can understand it?  Well done.  Linda.


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