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11207Re: - JCS on Volunteering!

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  • Occupant Family
    Jun 1, 2006
      This little post is quite off-the-wall and out-to-lunch on a couple of points!
      One CANNOT voluntarily waive rights that one is aware of...
      1970’s Brady v. US 397 US 742 at 748 “waivers of constitutional rights
      not only must be voluntary, but must be knowingly intelligent acts done
      with sufficient awareness of the relevant circumstances and consequences.”
      [Underline added]
      Where you all "knowing" before signing up the 1st time?
      How about if I fill out a Form 1040NR instead of a Form 1040?
      Did I "volunteer in"?
      How about if I fill out a W-8BEN instead of a W-4? Did I again
      "volunteer in"?
      How about if I serve an employer with a Form W-9 requesting his
      bona fides to make the claim for the government? Did I again
      "volunteer in" by using their Form?  Nonsensical!
      Anyone care to produce ANY document that gave anyone full disclosure
      BEFORE they signed as to the "rights" that were "waived" by the signing?
      Please produce for our purview the exact document/material evidence that
      shows where ANYONE has ever knowingly "waived their rights" when
      signing up for any gov't permission/license/benefit/program.  

      Assumption and presumptions are rebutted by FACTS!
      No full disclosure equals FRAUD!
      UNLESS you are aware of the fraud and still agree...!
      Deo volente,
      When a man who is honestly mistaken finds the Truth...
      He will either quit being mistaken or cease to be honest!
      On Wed, 31 May 2006 22:40:43 EDT mobinem@... writes:
      After reading all these responses to "IRS" forms I am shocked that nobody has brought up the fact
      that they are "IRS FORMS". EVERYTIME you fill out one of their forms you "VOLUNTEER?" to be in their jurisdiction. It does not matter what the "LAW" says since you are agreeing? to "WAIVE ALL RIGHTS?" as a Person of the soil and agreeing? to have a judge "DECIDE" what the "LAW" is. 
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