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11205RE: [tips_and_tricks] Re: Tax Court

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  • Dave Miner
    Jun 1, 2006
      I am sorry to hear that. You were taken. The IRS had no legal authority to
      do what it did, and the courts would have stopped it if you knew how to
      pursue it. The CFR, the IRM and the LEM all state that the IRS must go
      through State courts and follow all State procedures , and all States
      require a warrant of some sort from a judge in order for any person
      (including agency) to take real estate.

      It is possible that the local judge was working with the IRS on this, but
      the entire process was crooked and could have been stopped. Yes, you can
      stop the IRS from moving illegally, if you know what to do.

      Yours in financial freedom,

      Dave Miner

      > Dan --
      > There is a very important difference between what I described and
      what you
      > experienced.

      In the above response you posted, you stated;"On the other hand, the IRS has
      to go to court to take possession of a physical asset". Dave, when the IRS
      seized and sold my home and land, they never went to court. All the IRS did
      was declare my real property seized, and sold said real property at a sealed
      bid sale.
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