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  • Thomas Galletly
    Jun 1, 2006

      I have been fighting a coerced guilty plea for 2 ½ years and have finally won my rule 32 proceedings. Now that everything is back to ground zero, I have some questions, hoping that I will not be led astray again. In the 3 years that this has been ongoing, the state had not released any discovery on one of the charges, even after ordered to do so by the court. I was assigned a PD and when I went in to see him I took in a motion to sanction the state for the denial of discovery under ARCP 15(7) 1&2 which blocks further evidence and dismisses the charges due to failure to disclose. The PD refused to file it, and when I asked him about the return of the fees I have been paying in for probation and undocumented restitution for the last 2 ½ years, I was told to forget it, I wouldn’t get it back.


      Any suggestions or cases to support the rule 15 motion or how to get my money returned would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


      Tom Galletly

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