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11202Re: [tips_and_tricks] LIENS

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  • JD
    Jun 1, 2006
      I think a lot has to do with the process.  I think that an action, first be taken via the courts, and if small enough, small claims. This is about the closest one will get to a common-law court.  There is no punitive damages here, only actual loss. And, as all knows that when entering an action, the burden of proof is on you.
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      From: gary

      I believe a number of people who have tried that with various government officials are now residing as "guests" in government accommodations.
      Having the ability to do something is not necessarily the same as having the authority or right to do it.  You can file a lien against someones property but unless it has a proper basis I think they call it defamation of title and it is illegal.
      To claim damages by a government agency and hold an individual person responsible requires that you prove he acted outside his/her authority and placing liens on their property prior to this will more than likely get you all the trouble you could want.
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