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  • pd
    Apr 16 1:11 PM
      There is a way to beat the NAF. Demand has to be put in for the original copy of the contract that no longer exists since it was immediately converted into a digital format. Arbitration is only entered into in civil matters by informed consent, by all parties to the contract, in the original contract. When they claim you entered into an agreement to engage in arbitration, usually with a company they are affiliated with or own as a subsidiary, it puts you at a severe disadvantage. Challenge the assumption that the original contract exists and defeat the presumption that you are a party to that contract. pd

      Dean Gerhart <dgerhart@...> wrote: The Wolfpack will take this matter to the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) and get an arbitration award against you. They do this 100% of the time. This is difficult to defeat at the forum but you must respond when the claim is filed. They will still get the award in almost all cases, but the award is of no value form the NAF. The next step is for them to get and attorney in your state and try to get confirmation of the award in a court in your county. This is when they can be defeated at their own game. Most states have some form of uniform arbitration act that closely follows the Federal Arbitration Act Title 9 USC. I have worked with this a number of years and have had great success kicking their buts and helping others do the same.

      Arbitration is a matter of contract or agreement to arbitrate since this is a non judicial process there must be an agreement (see National Arbitration Code of procedures and 9 USC).

      The Wolfpack can be stopped and you can win. You can send them a cease communications letter as outlined in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to stop them from calling you but this will not stop them from going the NAF in fact it normally expedites the process.


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