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  • mm4tarts
    Apr 15, 2006
      I am constanly being called by attorney's of the firm Wolpoff &
      Abramson to respond to their call to collect form me a a debt that
      has been discharged by MBNA. What process does one use to respond?
      They are a third party to the action, i.e. the "debt account" is
      closed and I assumed collected on due to the discharge. What part do
      they have in this process? Do I have a contract with them? How do I
      bat them off of my door step and avoid going to court?

      Additionally, since the debt is discharged, how do I legally or
      administratively clean up my credit. If a creditor has collected on
      the account and the account is closed, how can a law firm buy that
      account fomr the so called creditor and ask for additioanl payment
      ofn a closed account? Is htere something wrong with this picture.

      I am a Pro Se litigant. Should I be Pro Per. What is the qualitative
      difference? Does the judge have jurisdiction? Or is this judge a

      Please advise. Thanks.

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