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10299i'm hurt

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  • pd
    Mar 3, 2006
      nikki -- since you are not adverse to using an attorney, find yourself one that is competent. In the event you had been in the wrong, in the accident, the thing would have been settled in the City's favor a long time ago. It sounds like your attorney was told to get out of the way and to try to convince you to settle. To find a "good" attorney, you ask other attorneys who the most aggressive shark is in the area for personal injury. This will all filter down to one man or one woman. Then take your case file (That case file is yours - you own it so in the event your current attorney wants to keep it, stand there and let him make photocopies and he can keep the photocopies - the originals belong to you) to that man or woman and ask him or her to review your case. In the event you have a good case they will take it and then, after you settle that you should go after your first attorney for incompetence and not representing your interests. pd

      nikkididitherway <nikkididitherway@...> wrote: i was involed in an accident with a city truck in savannah about 2
      years ago. I have accumilated 22000. dollars in medical bills. i am
      under constant narco pain meds. i have 2 herinated disk in my neck
      and a sprung arm. I was approched by the city alderman in savannah
      through the internet about a month after filing suite, in a personal
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