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10297i'm hurt

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  • nikkididitherway
    Mar 2, 2006
      i was involed in an accident with a city truck in savannah about 2
      years ago. I have accumilated 22000. dollars in medical bills. i am
      under constant narco pain meds. i have 2 herinated disk in my neck
      and a sprung arm. I was approched by the city alderman in savannah
      through the internet about a month after filing suite, in a personal
      way. He did not tell me who he was but i found him to be strange and
      disregarded him. for about 2years. recently i found out who he was
      and since have felt very uncomtable. I made my lawyer aware of this.
      However about 2 months later my lawyer tells me that I should settle
      and that my case is not very good. he suggest that i settle for less
      than my medical bills which is 5000. or that i release them and work
      out something with savannah. I cannot belive that they have done this
      is this normal and what should i do. i need help badly i will never
      be able to pay these bills..... nikki
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