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10286The status of the Caspian Sea

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  • Vasif Sultanov
    Mar 2, 2006
          Greetings, this is my first participating in the group. So I'm sorry to do some mistakes. Now I'd like to ask questions and express my opinions about this theme (the status of Caspian Sea).
         And I consider that to clear up question close this theme is more interesting to my mind. So we know that there are many controvercy problems in various areas of the International Law have not solved till today. According this theme, for example, connecting with sea law was accepted a great number standards of international law. Besides that to explain differs between the open sea and the closed sea.
          The Caspian Sea is the closed sea (indeed it is lake). There are five countries – Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Russia which they are situated in the surroundings of the Caspian Sea. At present the problems close the status of Caspian Sea haven’t solved among these countries. The main problem is connected with Iran. Iran considers that the status of Caspian Sea must be solved as condominium principle. There are three countries – Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan haven’t agreed with the intention of Iran. In addition the principle of central line didn’t put in order between the countries. The International disputes exist after collapse the USSR which the questions related status had solved between two countries - Russia and Iran. At that time the sector of the Caspian is divided between to countries and they are agreed commonly to use sea reserves (the mainly fish).
          Now I’d like to denote my opinions close solution the problems. My opinion consist of two directs. First, if we consider the Caspian Sea is sea then it would to be solved by means existence International conventions. Certainly, the Caspian Sea is the closed sea.   
          But if Caspian Sea is lake at that time, it must be solved as central line principle.
          I thing that, my idea is clear and I want to be familiar participators opinions about these questions.
          Regards, Vasif

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