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  • Doug
    Mar 1, 2006
      I have done a default process w/my mortgage co "Centex" and filed it
      w/the county recorders office! I have a stack of papers you wouldn't
      believe ! I also have a recording of a secretary's conversation stating
      that they sold the note or contract 30 days after closing. I have an
      atty that is ready to file suit ! do you think it would be best to get
      him to file instead of me? it seems that most courts won't even notice a
      "pro sae" believe me i have tried but not w/a mortgage.

      Christopher Dilts wrote:

      > Helllo
      > No it is not TILA but RESPA Title 12 USC 2605 you can actaully sue for
      > actaully damages but that only applies to loans that cover family
      > property. Although I suggust suing under a theory of breach of
      > fiducary duty or breach of contract. More then likely you may also be
      > able to sue under your states Unfair and Deceptive Practice Act as
      > well. If you have any questions feel free to ask
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