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10226Re: [tips_and_tricks] Jurisdiction

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    Feb 18, 2006
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      Marshall wrote: "I don't know Brent. However about 4
      years ago I sent affidavits to the President, IRS
      Commissioner, chief Justice of the supreme court, the
      DOJ and a host of State of Texas officials declaring I
      am not a 14th amendment
      citzen but in fact a Sovereign! Now is the time I
      suppose to start using it."
      Marshall, I just received a 200 page book from Brent
      (The American Sovereign), and I’m not going to try to
      reproduce it here. It covers, for example, the
      difference between the USDC (United States District
      Court) and the District Court of the United States.
      One is an administrative court, the other is federal.
      Both types exist within the several states of the
      Union, and it’s vital to know which has jurisdiction
      over you in your particular situation. Also vital to
      know how to establish your sovereignty in any
      situation, but especially in court. I suggest you go
      to www.rbnlive.com and click “show archives”, The Natl
      Intel Report, and find the latest shows with Ed Wahler
      and John Ainsworth, which are usually on Thursdays,
      starting with I believe January 12. Wahler is adamant
      that it’s NOT just a question of “I sent in my
      affidavit to the Gov.”, but that there’s a lot more to
      it. Did you notify the Social Security Administration?
      Do you still use the SSN? Do you receive and accept
      mail that’s government related, (e.g. W-2’s, 1099’s,
      bank statements) with your name in CAPS? Does your
      mail have a ZIP code? All these allow the federal
      Corporate State to assume YOU ARE THEIR PROPERTY, and
      until you rebut this presumptive evidence, they will
      do all they can to protect their property---you---so
      they can take your property. It’s all based on the
      SSN, and while it is going to be a lot of work to
      throw off your chains, it is nonetheless EASY (so Ed
      and Brent say) once you know how to DEMAND that your
      PUBLIC SERVANTS recognize that THEY derive their
      authority from YOU! (Both Brent and Wahler have books
      for around 80 FRNs. Wahler's I think is 100% geared
      toward helping you sever your ties with the feds,
      while Brent's covers numerous topics, such as Trusts,
      why we are free to travel in a car without a "driver's
      license", why you don't owe property taxes, and
      more.)(OK, one more vital thought. Brent (and probably
      Ed-I'm still waiting for my copy) covers "terminating
      your contract...how to rescind your signature" and
      other things to do to establish your sovereignty. In
      contract law, which is what the SSN is under, to
      rescind means, according to Black's Law, sixth
      “To abrogate, annul, avoid, or cancel a contract;
      particularly, nullifying a contract by the act of a
      party. The right of rescission is the right to cancel
      (rescind) a contract upon the occurrence of certain
      kinds of default by the contracting party. To declare
      a contract void in its inception and to put an end to
      it as though it never were. Russel v. Stephens, 191
      Wash. 314, 71 P.2d 3031…A rescission amounts to the
      unmaking of a contract, or an undoing of it from the
      beginning. It necessarily involves a repudiation of
      the contract and a refusal of the moving party to be
      bound by it…” When enough people do this, this
      entirely corrupt system is going to topple of its own
      putrid weight!!!
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