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  • Legalbear
    Feb 18, 2006
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      However, I have seen in COURT people challenge jurisdiction and the judge

      says i am the judge of this court and I have determined I have Jurisdiction,

      I understand that that is not enough just for him to declare it but how do

      you move to make him (the Judge) Prove he has Jurisdiction?


      If you had a copy of my legal research video and law course described and offered at www.legal-research-video.com you would be able to learn the answer to your question by doing some skillful research. You can learn to be skillful researcher by watching the video a number of times and applying the knowledge portrayed there. If you had read the law course you would know that first, to challenge jurisdiction, you must file a motion setting forth why the trial court does not have jurisdiction and give the trial court first crack at the issue. From watching the research video you would learn that there are a number of places in the law library where you could see samples of what these motions look like to model yours after. You will have increased credibility with the judge when he sees that you write motions that look they were written by a lawyer and then he will not treat you so summarily. IF you know how to do research skillfully, you will also be able to learn where the so called “judge” was supposed to file his oath and whether or not he was supposed to obtain and post a bond to qualify for his office. You would even be able to find out where he was supposed to post that bond and how long he had to do it. If you truly are a sovereign would you even ask the question, “…how do you move to make him (the Judge) Prove he has Jurisdiction?” I would think a “sovereign” would easily put a “judge” in his place. Frog Farmer said, and I agree, it doesn’t matter that you say you are a sovereign if you act like a slave. You prove your sovereignty by you wits and knowledge or, by ordering your army to capture the judge and hold him until he proves jurisdiction. I am of the position that true sovereignty can be obtained by submission to Jahuwah; then you can pray and He will immediately send 12 legions of angels to fight for you. Matthew 26:53. One angel alone is capable of slaying 185,000 men in a night. See 2 Kings 19:35 and Isaiah 37:36. Or, like Elijah you will be able to say, “If I am a [sovereign], then let fire come down from heaven and consume you and your fifty.” 2 Kings 1:10. And fire will fall from heaven and consume him.  And then you can say, see, I told you you didn’t have jurisdiction!


      Now, from the legal research video and law course at www.legal-research-video.com you would have also learned that the second step to enforcing lack of a courts jurisdiction is to file a complaint for prohibition, an extraordinary writ, in the supervisory court. With the legal research skill you gain from watching the video a number of times you would be able to quickly locate a sample complaint in the form books in the law library or do a well crafted, efficient search for one on Google. And, since you are skilled at doing research as a result of watching the research video you will be able to quickly determine what court supervises the court that you have made the jurisdictional challenge in. When the judges see that you are not under the same constraints as an attorney and that you know and understand these things; they will be afraid of you and give you the respect you deserve as a “sovereign.”


      they look at that argument as frivolous as they are convinced everyone is a U S citizen.


      You contribute to the difficulty of convincing them otherwise when you act like an ignorant slave while saying you are a sovereign. A characteristic of a 14th Amendment/US citizen/former slave is that they do not know how to enforce their rights in court. I strongly recommend that you scare the crap out of them by learning to do legal research skillfully and by obtaining and mastering the information in the law course and legal research video at www.legal-research-video.com. Bear


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