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  • Marshall Magill
    Feb 18, 2006
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      I don't know Brent. However about 4 years ago I sent affidavits to the
      President, IRS Commissioner, chief Justice of the supreme court, the DOJ and
      a host of State of Texas officials declaring I am not a 14th amendment
      citzen but in fact a Sovereign! Now is the time I suppose to start using it.
      However, I have seen in COURT people challenge jurisdiction and the judge
      says i am the judge of this court and I have determined I have Jurisdiction,
      I understand that that is not enough just for him to declare it but how do
      you move to make him (the Judge) Prove he has Jurisdiction? Also, Just
      because you have filed affidavits stating who and what you are that does not
      mean they will just bow down to you as a sovereign, they look at that
      argument as frivolous as they are convinced everyone is a U S citizen. I
      submit to you that it then becomes a heavy load to make them acknowledge you
      as such when it debases their power and control because this is what they
      ultimately desire. To maintain their power and control over the people of
      this once free land.
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      > Marshall wrote, "Ok, I have been convinced by reading
      > in this forum that jurisdiction is
      > the way to try and keep the beast at bay. How do you
      > intiate the defense of lack of Jurisdiction? Any and
      > all "constructive" help is appreciated."
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