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1018A Tip on Sovereignty

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  • C. Sweat
    Jan 20, 2003
      Sovereign Tip Of The Week

      Dear Sovereign Sam,
          I would like to share my recent experiences regarding my sovereignty declaration.  I live in a small town in Washington state.  I declared sovereignty several years ago.  The local authorities have always harassed me for driving without a license and as a result I got so many tickets that I was forced to go to trial.  I spoke to you before I was to go to court and you suggested I register my sovereignty paperwork with the Washington Secretary of State.  I drove to Olympia and did just that.  After some harassment I got my paperwork appostiled (the Secretary of State placed his seal on the paperwork).  Little did I know how much my life would change after that.  When I showed up for my trial I was told the case was dismissed.  A few weeks later I was pulled over again. This time the officer confronted me and said, “As far as we are concerned, you don’t exist anymore.”
          I just wanted to share my story with others.
      Phil in Washington

      Dear Phil,
          It’s always our pleasure to help out. We have always recommended recording the sovereignty paperwork at the county level.  It was only about six months ago that we heard about the effectiveness of getting the secretary of state of your state to appostile the paperwork.  By the way, we have heard that you can do the same thing at the federal level.  I think all sovereigns should go to Washington DC and have Colin Powell (US Secretary of State) appostile the sovereignty paperwork.  We also have the “dream” of going to the UN and having them acknowledge that as a sovereign, we do not fall under UN jurisdiction.
          It is my plan to go to Salem (capital of Oregon) on my next trip north and get the Oregon’s Secretary of State’s Appostile on my sovereignty paperwork.  I will report on this upon my return.
      Come join us in sovereign land,

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