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  • Advancepum@aol.com
    Feb 6, 2006
      In a message dated 2/6/2006 9:07:43 PM Pacific Standard Time, scrooge89142@... writes:

      Notice to Agent is Notice to Principle        
                       Your Name
      Notice to Principle is Notice to Agent        
            without prejudice
      Applicable to all successors and assigns       
            c/o Your Address              
      Silence is Acquiescence/Agreement/Dishonor      
         City, State  Zip                

                 December 31, 2005
      CITY, STATE   ZIP          

      Contract # 11111111-AAA-1

      I, (YOUR NAME), hereinafter “Affiant”, am competent to
      state the matters included in this contract which are
      true, correct and complete, and not meant to mislead.


      1.   Affiant

      I, (YOUR NAME) do so state that my authority for this
      contract is the age-old, timeless, and universal
      respect for the intrinsic power, property, and
      responsibilities of the individual. I choose to comply
      with mutual respect, which serves to bring harmony to
      society and therefore, my power to contract is

      2.   RESPONDENTS

      CITY, STATE and ZIP) is a legal person and a
      corporation, and the following person in her
      individual private capacity is held liable and listed
      as: President DEBT COLLECTOR.


      1.   Affiant did receive on/or about December 23, 2005
      correspondence from CBCI implying that Affiant had an
      account with them in the amount of $1116.70.

      2.   Affiant has never done business with CBCI.

      4.   Affiant has never given RESPONDENT “Power of
      Attorney” to opened an account, numbered 
          1111111 with CBCI or any account.

      5.   Affiant will only negotiate with the Original
      Creditor, if any.

      6.   CBCI or RESPONDENT is not a Creditor.

      7.   There does not exist any contractual obligation
      between Affiant and CBCI. (No Contract)

      8.    CBCI unsigned letter does not show evidence of
      debt owed.  (True Bill)

      Affiant has accepted for value all offers to contract
      made by the above named RESPONDENT with a qualified
      acceptance of Affiant additional terms and conditions.

      Affiant hereby accepts the offer to contract with a
      qualified acceptance and herein states the new terms
      and conditions.


      RESPONDANT in his individual private capacities agrees
      to compensate Affiant for the following:

      $50,000.00.for each letter/s sent by RESPONDENT, @1
      letter $50,000.00.

      $25,000.00 for each telephone calls @

      $5000.00 per day on each individual credit report. @ 3
      credits reporting agencies $15,000.00 per day,
      Retroactive to date shown on credit reports.

      RESPONDENT has 21 days from the time of receiving this
      notice to deliver funds to Affiant. In the event
      RESPONDENT does not deliver said funds to Affiant as
      agreed to in this contract, RESPONDENT agrees to be
      subject to involuntary bankruptcy proceeding in her
      private and public capacity and that an administrative
      judgment against RESPONDENT in her private individual
      capacity will be sought. RESPONDENT also agree that
      Affiant can file a UCC-1 to secure this debt as
      Secured Party against RESPONDENT.

      IN THE EVENT RESPONDENT withdraws her offer to
      contract sent December 19, 2005 in the amount of
      $1116.70, within the 21 days of receipt of this
      contract, and removes any /and all claims from each
      Credit Bureau that said claim was reported to, this
      contract will become null and void and Affiant will
      not proceed with the enforcement of the above terms
      and conditions. In the event of withdrawal of claim by
      RESPONDENT, RESPONDENT is required and agrees to
      notify  Affiant know later than 5 days after the
      original  21day time requirement by letter, that her
      “claim” is withdrawn. If not notified, Contract will
      be enforced.

      All terms and conditions of this agreement are
      approved by all parties.

      If RESPONDENT wishes to respond to this contract, it
      must be in the Affidavit Form, point for point, signed
      under RESPONDENTS full Commercial Liability, under
      Penalty of Perjury, sworn to before a Notary Public.
      The Debt Collector Disclosure Affidavit For Acceptance
      of Debt is required, and must be filled out along with
      RESPONDENTS Affidavit (if any) and mailed to Affiant
      Agent, Notary Public (NOTARY’S NAME  ADDRESS CITY,
      STATE and ZIP. If Affiant does not receive a reply
      through Affiant Agent in Affidavit Form, Contract will
      be enforced.

      I, the undersigned hereby declares under penalty of
      perjury of the laws of Nevada State that the
      statements made in this Notice of  Acceptance to
      Contract, are certified as to being true, correct AND
      complete and not misleading in accordance with my
      first hand knowledge and belief.

            (YOUR NAME)                


      1...Name and home address of President  (REQUIED)
      2...Name and home address of CBCS Secretary/Treasurer
      3...What are the terms of assignment for this claim?
      You must attach a facsimile of any and all records
      relating to such terms. (Certification Required)
      4...Have any insurance claims been made by any
      creditor and/or assignee regarding this claim?
      Yes / No (If yes attach all supporting Certified
      documentation (REQUIRED))
      5...Has the purported balance of this claim been used
      in any tax deduction claim?
      Yes / No (If yes attach all supporting Certified
      documentation (REQUIRED))
      6...List all the particular products and/or services
      sold by the Debt Collector to Affiant and the dollar
      amount of
         each, and attach all supporting verifiable
      documentation. (REQUIRED)
      7..Does there exist a verifiable, bona fide, original
      commercial instrument between Debt Collector and
      Affiant containing Affiant bona fide signature?   Yes
      / No (If yes, attach  Certified Copy of Commercial
      instrument (REQUIRED)) 
      8...Does there exist verifiable evidence of an
      exchange of benefits and/or detriment between Debt
      Collector and Affiant?  Yes / No (If yes, attach all
      supporting verifiable documentation (REQUIRED))
      9...Has Debt Collector a bona fide affidavit of
      assignment for entering into the original contract
      between Original Creditor and Affiant?  Yes / No (If
      yes attach all supporting Certified documentation

      10…Has Debt Collector purchased this claim from the
      Original Creditor or a previous Debt Collector? Yes/No
      (If yes, attach all supporting Certified
      documentations (REQUIRED))
      I, the undersigned hereby declares under penalty of
      perjury of the laws of Nevada  State that the
      statements made on this Debt Collector Disclosure
      Affidavit for Acceptance of Debt, along with all
      documentation to validate this claim are certified to,
      by swearing an oath as to being true, correct AND
      complete, not meant to mislead, in accordance with my
      first hand knowledge and belief.

      _________________________   __________________  
        Authorized Signature of Debt Collector       
          Print Name                 
      Title             Date

      The person above did appear before me a Notary Public
      in and for the State of ____________________, County
      of __________________ and is identified as the person
      who signed this Affidavit by oath before me this _____
      day of ___________________, 2005.

                NOTARY PUBLIC           
               My Commission Expires on      

      Return this completed Debt Collector Disclosure
      Affidavit for Acceptance of Debt Form, attaching all
      assignments and/or other transfer agreements that
      would establish your right to collect this debt. Your
      claim cannot and will not be considered if any portion
      of this Form is not completed and returned with all
      REQUIRED certified and /or verified copies of the
      documents required by this Form. If you do not respond
      as required, your claim will not be considered and you
      will be liable for damages for continued collection
      efforts. Please allow (45) Forty Five days for
      processing after receipt of your request. You are
      ESTOPPELED from any and all further action, until all
      Required documents are received, validated and
      verified for accuracy.

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