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10130Collection Agencies

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  • Edward Wheeler
    Feb 4, 2006
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      On your subject of Debt Collectors, I've been there,
      sending letters like these to them, but alas, they
      would never respond.

      [Moderator/Bear: That's what happened to me. No more collection letters and whatsmore, no lawsuit.]

      They might have stop calling and
      sending letters, but one thing for sure, it on your
      credit report as disputed.

      One thing I've learned from my experience with debt
      collectors is, that they are almost like the IRS. I
      stop doing the letters (as they do no good)and went
      another way that seems to work. Go after the
      cooperated officers. Hold them responsible.

      [Moderator/Bear: I have never heard of a "cooperated officer." What is that?]

      CONTRACT with them. It's like doing a Conditional
      Acceptance, but this way is an Absolute Acceptance.
      Like I said, those dispute letters got me nowhere.
      Debt Collectors don't care, but I've got results
      useing this procedure. I'll look and see if I can find
      the web site and post it. I'll post the Contract I
      have sent out.

      [Moderator/Bear: We are all looking forward to it.]


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