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  • Don Schwarz
    Jan 31, 2006
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      Make a sworn affidavit of the conversation.

      Make it FOR THE RECORD

      Mail a copy to the person you spoke to.

      Give them 10 days to respond.

      If they do not, then you have a RECORD
      of what was said.

      At 12:01 AM 1/31/06 +0000, you wrote:
      >Recently was involved in a traffic stop, regarding going 42 mph in a
      >30 mph zone. I was pissed off about this and went to the municipal
      >clerk and made an open public records act for the bond and/or
      >insurance and oath of office for the officer. There response was that
      >they did not have an oath of office on file for the officer and that
      >police and judges do not have bond and/or insurance and are not
      >required to have them. What does this all mean and how can a use it
      >for my traffic case
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