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Trade between 55's and Leafs

To Leafs: 55's 1st waiver To 55's: 2016 3rd round pick
Brian Worsley
Nov 8, 2015

Rippers get the band back together in effort to defend title

The Las Vegas Rippers kicked off the 2013-14 campaign with the FHL's first ever remote draft. Thanks go to the otherwise cutthroat Steve Kempster for
Jamie Capstick
Sep 30, 2013

Protection Lists

I will be working on the official FHL schedule (SET start and end dates) over the next few days. Season does start on October 1 so first deadline to submit
Sep 30, 2013

Greyhounds say no

I vote no for this season. Let's do full season and many seasons after. Jerry Sent from my iPadhello
Gerald Woods
Jan 8, 2013

Re: FHL Season

I am with you Tim. I like what Ian White commented about Bettman saying he is an idiot and it is true since he became the so called commissioner we have had 3
Jerry Woods
Nov 17, 2012

Re: 2012/13 Season

I am fine with either decision. I would say if and when the time comes we do a vote. Majority wins. If it comes down to a 42 game schedule (half a season)
Nov 16, 2012

Re: 2012/13 Season

The Q-Crew miss their hockey fix and with the additions of Iginla, Miller and a high draft pick we were really looking forward to this season...this could be
Andrew Quibell
Nov 14, 2012

Re: 2012/13 Season

I'm with you.
Nov 12, 2012

Re: 2012/13 Season

I have to agree with Sandford Storm. Looks like season is going to be a washout and if they do settle it is not going to be a complete season. I would suggest
Gerald Woods
Nov 12, 2012

2012/13 Season

Hi guys, just my thoughts, after this latest round of crap that we get our players from. My interest in the NHL is pretty much zero right now.......I could
Nov 12, 2012

Re: Ok by me

Hi Guys, I do appreciate the input and this suggestion, however, my feeling is this... ... if it (trades, etc) hasn't happened by now it probably won't. I put
Sep 23, 2012

Ok by me

I have no problem with that. We should hold off until settlement is reached. Am sure if they settle soon we can quickly submit our 9 keepers or change our
Jerry Woods
Sep 22, 2012

***Necessary Considerations Before Tonight at 10pm***

  Gentlemen,   Something that we MUST consider and perhaps vote on prior to 10pm tonight is delaying the dropping of players for our final roster numbers
Andrew Quibell
Sep 22, 2012

Re: Q-Crew Star Players Could Be made Available

hmmmm...I know a lot of teams who would benefit from the upgrades ________________________________ From: Todd Hounsome To:
Andrew Quibell
Sep 21, 2012

Re: Q-Crew Star Players Could Be made Available

Rumour has it that those are the same players you have been peddling for weeks..lol From: timsfantasyhockeyleague@yahoogroups.com
Todd Hounsome
Sep 21, 2012
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