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  • Jerry Woods
    Nov 17, 2012
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      I am with you Tim. I like what Ian White commented about Bettman saying he is an idiot and it is true since he became the so called commissioner we have had 3 lockouts and placing teams in cities that will not support their team. Not letting the players off the hook though as they seem to be following Fehr like sheep do and of course Fehr feels he will be successful in the end similar to his days in baseball. It all comes down to egos I believe between Fehr and Bettman, just like it was 8 years ago with Bettman and Goodenow. Whoever loses the negotiations may just lose his position.

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      Subject: FHL Season
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      Received: Friday, November 16, 2012, 1:17 PM

      Hi Guys,
      I am writing this email as a follow-up to mine and others posts on the
      YAHOO board over the last few days.  Due to the fact that there has been
      little to talk about hockey related I am sure most of you rarely check the site
      on a regular basis.  Thus the reason for this email.
      A few of you (including myself) are quite put off by professional hockey
      and the crap related to the lock-out of the players.  Now it appears more
      games will be lost (The NHL does want to talk for another two weeks!) with a
      good possibility of the entire season being wiped out.
      I would say if and when the time comes where they do get back to the rink,
      we do a vote. Majority wins. If it comes down to a 42 game schedule (half a
      season) or less it might be best to just wash the season as it would be very
      hard to do up an FHL Schedule. Lets evaluate when the time comes.
      Quite frankly (Like Jimmy) I am so pissed at this lockout I could care
      less!!  Having way more fun at the rink helping coach my sons rep
      Good luck NHL as you try to divide up the Billions of $$$ in revenue!
      The FHL Commish... where we play for the love of the game!!

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