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239Excellent Communication Workshop in Portland Maine

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  • shaybellas
    Sep 11, 2009
      Greetings everyone,

      I am new to the group and wanted to say hello! I think it is very important that this forum exists. What a great place to explore tools and philosophies on connecting with our children and creating a more peaceful, safe community.

      I wanted to tell you about an amazing woman who is offering a workshop you might be interested in. Peggy Smith is a very warm, humble and open woman who has some very powerful tools and "methods" that help with parenting, partnering, business, self and any communication really. I would highly recommend checking her out, attending a workshop or just visiting her website. She has many workshops coming up but thought I would point this one out....

      Growing Peace Within Me and the World
      with Peggy Smith, Trainer
      Level 1 Workshop
      Based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication

      6 Week Course
      6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Wednesdays
      Oct 14, 21 & 28 • Nov 4 & 8 • Dec 2 Location: Community Partner's Senior Center
      58 North Street, Portland, Maine

      This 6-session workshop introduces participants to the basic understanding and
      practice of NVC. Participants will practice:

      Expressing themselves authentically
      Listening with empathy by observing facts without evaluation, interpretation or
      Identifying and expressing feelings
      Expressing the needs behind those feelings
      Formulating clear and concrete requests for actions
      The quality of our lives and our relationships begins with the quality of our
      communication with ourselves and each other. We will learn to release judgments
      of ourselves and others, and to speak more authentically from the heart by
      focusing on developing empathetic listening skills. We will explore the vital
      role that empathy plays in developing a sense of presence, deepening our
      experience, improving relationships among family and at the workplace and
      resolving conflict.
      We will learn tools to stay centered and in our compassionate nature when we are
      triggered by someone's words or actions, and to resolve conflict in ways where
      everyone's needs are met.

      Fee request is based on a sliding scale $130-190. A $40 deposit reserves your
      space. To reserve your space, fill out your Registration Form today.

      This event is sponsored by Open Communication
      Open Communication is dedicated to bringing Nonviolent Communication and empathy
      skills to people of all ages and life circumstance. We offer a variety of
      educational opportunities to individuals, groups and organizations. We seek to
      support the development of a culture of peace within individuals, families,
      communities and businesses. We envision Maine as a place where children can
      flourish and all people thrive sustainably.

      Learn more online at www.opencommunication.org.