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225National Children of Alcoholics Week: February 8-16, 2009

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  • Amanda
    Feb 6, 2009

      During Children of Alcoholics Week you can do much to spread the word that children living with addiction in the family need the support of caring adults. During this week we can join our voices to raise awareness that children of alcoholics can be encouraged and supported to seek out help and that they can and should have access to caring adults who are able to provide that help. And there are some messages that children of alcoholics and other drug dependent parents (COAs) need to hear. Among others, they need to understand that addiction is a disease and that it's not their fault.

      During Children of Alcoholics Week, choose to speak out, to initiate, to get it done. Choose to be among the Champions for Children during this important annual celebration. Your own experience in your community and organization will inform you how you can have the greatest impact but we want to suggest some of the many ways your organization and you as a private citizen can make a difference during Children of Alcoholics Week 2009

      Here are some ideas