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33Michael Phelps - A Teachable Moment

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  • wtlillis
    Feb 4, 2009
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      Like many other people, I was amazed at the
      athletic ability of Michael Phelps this
      past summer. For a 23 year old to win 8 gold medals
      says something about his determination. He also handled
      his celebrity with a degree of maturity, and has made
      a commitment to using his time and money to get kids
      involved in swimming.Many companies thought he would be a good
      spokesperson, including Kellogg.

      Yet, with the recent publication of Michael using
      marijuana at a college party, and his own admission
      that he made a mistake and regrets his actions,
      companies now have to consider whether or not he should continue
      to serve as their spokesperson.

      As a parent, teacher or coach, how would you handle
      Michael Phelp's situation?
      Perhaps having a conversation with a focus on the following
      individuals would be helpful?
      What would you do if:
      you were Michael's mom?
      you were Michael's coach?
      you were Michael's teammate?
      you were an executive at Speedo (Michael is a spokesperson)?
      you were an executive at Kellogg (Michael' picture has been posted
      on cereal boxes)?