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  • wtlillis
    Oct 2, 2008
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      A good question at the end of Amel's message.
      How do we figure out what works when trying to connect with our teens.
      The best story I heard came from a parent who attended one
      of my colleague's 15 minute child breaks, a program designed to assist parents with this that is offered free of charge by the Partnership for a Drug-Free NJ (www.drugfreenj.org)Here is what she heard from
      one mother.
      After attending worship services on Sunday, her family would come home.
      The father would make a nice breakfast, and the children would
      visit the mother one at a time for a chat in the living room. The four year old spoke to the mother just for a few minutes. Then the seven year old and then her teenager. That is where the teen told her mom that
      she had been asked to smoke marijuana. So this mother had
      the idea to set up a comfortable atmosphere where there was trust.
      I think those types of bonding situations are terrific for parents
      to try. Hopefully, that helps Amel and other parents "connect".
      Amel, Thanks for posting your message.