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11Dealing with Stress

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  • wtlillis
    Sep 2, 2008
      I am hoping parents and guardians
      find this topic interesting. For teens to become healthy adults,
      I emphasize two points regarding stress. Students need a healthy
      amount of stress - this helps them stay drug-free. I worry about
      the teen who comes straight home from school instead of having
      a school activity in which he or she particpates or a job. I also
      think teens should bear some of the household responsibilities, things
      they will need to learn as an adult. Teens without stress and who
      do not take academics seriously are at risk. On the other end, teens
      who have too much stress are also at risk. Students with a heavy
      courseload, too many activities very often think they need alcohol
      or other drugs as a way to "destress."
      The other point I make goes to how the family handles stress.
      What do Mom and Dad do to relieve stress? Some healthy possibilities
      include exercise, even walking before or after dinner, hobbies,
      talking things out. There are lots of healthy ways to deal with
      stress. Yet, what is the teen learning about stress if Mom or Dad
      has to have a few cocktails or have a few glasses of wine after a
      tough day at work? Parents and guardians teach a lot about stress
      with the way they live their lives. I hope this helps.
      Take care. Looking forward to hearing what people have to say about
      this topic. Also, I encourage everybody to check out our links and
      let us know what you're thinking
      Take care,
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