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Re: Not sure where I should have put this

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  • voiceofasuka
    You found me!! ... episode ... it. ... There ... not ... up. ... other ... choose ... forced
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2005
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      You found me!!

      > I was watching Mezzo (the TV series) today. Tif appears in
      > 6. I have to say, the more I watch of the show the more I like
      > The last three episodes went to places I never expected it to.
      > was some actual emotion in there. At first I figured it for your
      > standard action-adventure romp. And the initial few episodes did
      > contradict me. Then you get to episode 4 & 5 where Mikura's (the
      > lead character played by Luci Christian) old friend Sakura shows
      > Sakura is voiced by Monica "My Goddess" Rial. Anyway, all of a
      > sudden depth and heart came into the picture. Episode 6 continued
      > this with another blast from the past, this time for one of the
      > characters.
      > Anyway, I was surprised and pleased. You may be too if you
      > to check it out.
      > I still HATE WITH A FIREY BURNING PASSION the opening and closing
      > songs however. They stink like yesterday's garbage. I may be
      > to get the artbook for the series.
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