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6459Asuka's fate in Sadamoto's Eva manga adaptation

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  • revolutionofevangelion_dot_org
    Sep 11, 2012
      Chapter 92 of Sadamoto's manga adaptation came out last week. It roughly corresponds to "The End of Evangelion", and by Chapter 92 is finally at the point where everyone's AT Fields drop and they dissolve into pools of LCL.

      Asuka in the Sadamoto adaptation is slightly different, but in this version, Asuka doesn't die at the end of the fight with the Mass Production Evas. Instead, she is badly injured but just as they are about to finish her off, Shinji arrives in Eva-01 to save her (instead of Eva-01 pointlessly waiting until the fight was over to free itself so Shinji could pilot it). Anyway, Eva-02 was already basically crippled and its batteries had drained, so it doesn't take place in the fight after that, but Asuka was apparently still alive. No Lance to the eye in this version.

      Chapter 92, released last week, finally gets back to what was happening to Asuka (the last few chapters focused on Shinji hallucinating/talking to Lilith).

      When the Rei/Adam/Lilith Hybrid sends out Rei-shaped avatars of itself to "collect everyone's souls" by bringing down their AT Fields, they shapeshift to appear as the person they care about most -- to make them "let their guard down"; i.e. the Rei-avatar for Hyuga transforms into Misato, the one for Maya looks like Ritsuko, etc. And to answer the question "what if you really didn't care about anyone?" they show that Aoba doesn't see anyone (he cares about no one) but is attacked by an army of Rei-avatars and forcibly "tanged".

      Anyway, in the manga version, Asuka's still alive at this point, stuck in Eva-2's Entry Plug. So a Rei/Adam/Lilith Hybrid appears to Asuka, and takes on the form of Kaji (someone Asuka cares about that would make her let her guard down). Then Asuka reverts to LCL inside of the Entry Plug.

      So Asuka doesn't get killed at some point; she reverts to LCL in the Instrumentality scene just like everyone else in the world.

      Though at the finale of The End of Evangelion, Rei/Lilith/Yui does say that anyone who wants to leave Instrumentality to live like normal humans can if they want to.

      Still, this is a major departure from the animated universe.