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6455Re: [Tiffany Grant Fanclub] Infinite Stratos so popular that pre-orders have exhausted initia print run

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    Apr 2 8:45 AM
      Oh, I was unaware the first dubbed episode was up on The Anime Network website.

      TAN has a fine online player (haha) -- ANNcast answered my question a few weeks ago, about why Funimation Channel was getting dropped from FIOS but The Anime Network was doing well;  they said that TAN worked hard the past 5 or so years to diversify into being an on-demand platform, after the previous attempt to be a 24 hour channel didn't meet demand.  They said that Funimation Channel essentially repeated the exact same mistake; trying to be a full-time channel and not just an on-demand platform. 

      Of course FUNimation is doing well at other things; TAN is both an on-demand platform and web player, while FUNimation split that between "FUNimation Channel" and the web player on their actual website, which is doing pretty well.

      Either way, they said all the work TAN put into becoming a reliable online platform really paid off, and at this point companies without streaming platforms are doomed (a far cry from what I remember from Anime Boston 2008, when every industry panel would debate "are we really sure we NEED online streaming?" -- then at AB 2009, they said that The Anime Network would launch an online streaming platform in a month; I was skeptical (every company would wave us off with "yeah we'd LIKE an online player) but then a month later TAN's shiny new online player actually launched.

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      On a side note to IS:

      The first episode is available online on The Anime Network. (Wich i saw)

      The dub is pretty darned good i'll be getting the set during its second

      See ya!

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