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6441An anime question

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  • vtr9kvictor
    Sep 21, 2011
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      Looking for disabled character examples in anime. Friend of mine is going to run a panel on the subject at a con. I gave as many as I could think of, but seeking more.

      The character does not have to be the lead (or even a principal) of the series. However, we got lots of "one-eyed" characters, so kind of looking for other disabilities.

      No, Ranma Saotome's unflinching stupidity does not count. Only actual physical or mental deficiencies please.

      Tsundere is not a disability. Noe is any other -dere personality quirk.

      Some examples I got already are Li Sayoran (from TRC), Sawyer the Cleaner (Black Lagoon), Goury Gabriev (Slayers), Mr Joker (Read or Die manga).

      Thanks for y'alls help!!!
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