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SAWfest July 19th Salem, NY

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  • Rich Pell
    Please forward widely: Huge all-day music fest in Salem, NY (1 hour north of Albany) Don t miss! Jonathan Kane s February Megafaun Neptune Site-Specific
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      Please forward widely:

      Huge all-day music fest in Salem, NY (1 hour north of Albany)  Don't miss!

      Jonathan Kane's February
      Site-Specific Transmissions
      Gun Christmas
      New Randy
      Bob Holman + Vito Ricci
      Special Guests

      SAWfest  |  Saturday, July 19th

      Salem Art Works is presenting its annual, all-day, outdoor
      music/sound/poetry/transmission event SAWfest on July 19th from 2-11pm
      at its 120-acre site in Washington County, New York. This year will
      see a broader scope of music, expanded to include all methods of
      sound-making and broadcasting. The public is invited to attend with
      tickets going on sale for $10 on June 1st at the SAW's newly
      inaugurated Visitor's Center at 19 Cary Lane in Salem, or by calling
      518 854 7674. The roster of talent to be performing at the event is
      detailed below.

      Opening the day will be a special radio broadcast by fellow nonprofit
      organization free103point9 out of Brooklyn, NY. Starting with a 4x4
      radio broadcast where four performers from the festival's roster are
      chosen to perform a score for four radios, free103point9 will then
      continue a live internet stream of the event's happenings. The four
      featured performers are Jason sanford of Neptune, Joanne Hsieh of
      Marvelous Stairs, Andrew Sullivan of Gun Christmas, and Melissa St.
      Pierre.  Several radios will be spread throughout the SAW site to
      enable audience members to wander freely throughout the property and
      listen remotely. For more information on the free103point9 and the
      Wave Farm, go to www.free103point9.org.

      Jonathan Kane's February (New York, NY) will headline this year's
      event. As a Woodstock, New York teenager obsessed with the mystique of
      Chicago's Southside, Kane, along with his brother Anthony, formed the
      Kane Bros. Blues Band. This was no standard teen garage band -- Kane
      was good. Very good. While other high school kids sloughed at the
      burger shop or studied their algebra, Jonathan Kane was lying about
      his age, playing bars opening for Muddy Waters and James Cotton.
      Kane's rise to prominence as a Downtown NYC legend began as co-founder
      of Swans, the seminal no-wave, New York band he started with Michael
      Gira in 1977. Kane takes credit for the deliberate rhythms and
      complexity of Swans' early work, attributing it to his lifelong love
      of the blues. Leading February, his six-piece, four-guitar band, Kane
      summons Swans' concussive wallop, then steers it all head-on into the
      blues. As _Rolling Stone_ sums it up: Kane is, quite simply,
      "volcanic." For sound samples, please visit myspace.com/jonathankane.

      Neptune's three members are equal parts musicians, sculptors,
      scientists, blacksmiths, electricians, and industrial machinists;
      relentlessly inventive, possibly sane. Together, they construct all of
      their instruments, forging guitars and drums out of circular saw
      blades, gas tanks, oil drums, bike parts, VCR casings, and miscellany
      from the trash. Electronics, and even cords, are homemade as well. The
      combined effect is a bizarre, post-apocalyptic mélange of steel, iron,
      wire, rust, rivet, knob, and cable; it's lunacy, arc-welded for
      maximum destruction. Concerts are seizures of motion. Wearing 40-pound
      guitars assembled entirely from scrap metal, the members don't play
      their instruments - they battle them, like mechanized golems. They
      will be in residence at SAW the week following SAWfest teaching a
      nontraditional instrument building and electronics workshop Sound,
      Object + Action, and also play late in the day on July 19th. For sound
      samples, please visit myspace.com/neptuneandjupiter

      From the vibrant Southern quasi-capital of Durham emerge Megafaun,
      wearing earnestness across the chest and abstraction along the
      sleeves. They pour forth dulcet harmonies, as seeking vocals tug banjo
      lines up the Appalachian mountains; redemptive noise soaks everything,
      like thick air wafting from the Atlantic. Bury the Square, Megafaun's
      debut, is a triumph, bearing an essential consequence: folk music has
      been wrested from purist hands. Clawhammer banjo and strummed
      acoustics lock and roll with electric guitars and electronic textures.
      They don't add freak to folk or folk to freak; rather, they realize
      that folk implies deep, personal, intense expression, whether the
      instrument is a parlor piano with the lid thrown back or a distortion
      pedal with the case cracked loose. In this band, orthodoxy and
      unorthodoxy flow together as one. For sound samples, go to

      Also performing: quirky fems New Randy (New York, NY,
      www.myspace.com/newrandy), avant performance poets Bob Holman + Vito
      Ricci (New York, NY, www.bobholman.com), psych rock kids Gun Christmas
      (Albany, NY, www.myspace.com/gunchristmas), old school punkers Next
      President (North Adams, MA, www.myspace.com/nextpresident) and
      reverent rockers Syd Barrett Appreciation Society (Salem, NY). All
      performers subject to change without notice. This year's special
      guests are Marvelous Stairs (Brooklyn, NY,

      Full electronic press kits, posters and physical compact discs are
      available upon request.

      Salem Art Works is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to the idea
      that artistic expression benefits from community involvement. For more
      information and up to the minute updates on SAWfest 2008, go to
      myspace.com/sawfest2008 or www.salemartworks.org.

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