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Animalia: stories of collapse, calamity and departure

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  • sarahgonek
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2008

      Performance & Exhibit by C. Ryder Cooley & friends
      RPI Arts Department, Troy NY.

      PERFORMANCE: Sunday March 2, 2008 at 5pm in DCC Black
      Box (rm. 174, basement). Gather in the West Hall
      upper parking lot at 4:30 and you will be led to the
      performance site. Reception in West Hall Gallery will
      follow (rm 111).
      Participants include: Todd Chandler, Michael Century &
      Sarah Gonek. Performance is free. please bring food
      or drinks for the reception if you wish.

      EXHIBIT: Feb 25-March 2, West Hall Gallery (rm. 111)

      To read about the performance, and an article from the front page of Metroland about Ryder Cooley,

      M-F 9am-5pm. Reception March 2, 7-9 pm following
      Exhibit includes photos & video documents by J. Craig
      Thompkins, Leif Zurmuhlen, Colleen Cox, Gretchen
      Hildebran & Branda Miller

      If you would like to see this performance but can't come on March 2, please contact Ryder@..., there may be other viewing possibilities.

      Animalia is a multi-media inter-species fairytale inspired by the performative behavior of animals and insects. Through aerial movement, projection and live music on singing saw, accordion & up secret bee societies and haunted circus scenes. Exploring metaphors of flight in violence & war, this gender bender narrative travels through a sequence of dystopic tableaux. When the performer falls under the spell of a deer, she at last escapes her humanity and becomes an antlered deer creature. Appropriating the masculine power symbol of the buck “rack” and reinserting it onto a feminine character, the performance blurs the division between masculine/feminine identity and human/animal forms.
      For more information: www.carolynrydercooley.com

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