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  • Christina McLean
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      >In honor of Black History Month, MUSICBLITZ.com will be donating a royalty
      >to the Blues Foundation Black History Month Charity every time a song is
      >downloaded from a exclusive selection of Grammy-winning and popular blues
      >So please go to www.bluesblitz.com and download one of the exclusive blues
      >songs in the month of February, enjoy some great music, and help bring the
      >Internet revolution and blues music to children.
      >Grammy Award Winner and celebrated musicologist TAJ MAHAL
      >The Queen of The Blues, KOKO TAYLOR
      >The Jimi Hendrix of Blues Harmonica, SUGAR BLUE
      >Mississippi John Hurt
      >Harlem Slim:
      >The Blues Foundation will use the funds to bring the blues music
      >performances to underprivileged schools.
      >Please forward this email to a FRIEND.
      >BluesBLITZ Features Exclusive Streaming Video Workshop on the History of the
      >Blues, Hosted by Taj Mahal
      >Also Features Exclusive Free Music Downloads from Taj Mahal, Koko Taylor,
      >Sugar Blue, Mississippi John Hurt, Harlem Slim, Tab Benoit, Bobby Womack and
      >LOS ANGELES�January 31, 2000�To celebrate February�s Black History Month and
      >the profound influence of the blues on American music and culture,
      >MUSICBLITZ, in collaboration with Grammy Award-winning blues artist and
      >noted musicologist Taj Mahal, today unveiled BluesBLITZ. This
      >blues-oriented Web community is available online at www.bluesblitz.com or
      >through www.musicblitz.com.
      >�As a musical style, the blues is rooted in the hardship, repression and
      >slavery of African-American people. That is where the music began, � said
      >Taj Mahal. �What is more important is that the people and the music have
      >triumphed over hardships and adversity in an alien culture and a strange
      >land. Blues music has become the soundtrack to the lives of music lovers
      >everywhere, regardless of language, religion, or spiritual persuasion. It
      >is an honor, and it gives me great pleasure, to work with MUSICBLITZ to
      >further connect with blues fans all over the world.�
      >The second in a series of genre-specific Web communities from MUSICBLITZ,
      >BluesBLITZ pays homage to blues music and the various cultural and regional
      >influences that helped it evolve. Blues fans can find free new recordings
      >and Internet-exclusive downloads from prominent artists such as Taj Mahal,
      >Koko Taylor, Sugar Blue, Mississippi John Hurt, Harlem Slim, Tab Benoit and
      >Bobby Womack at www.bluesblitz.com.
      >Additionally, the Web site features an exclusive streaming video workshop on
      >the history of the blues, presented by Taj Mahal. He illustrates the music�
      >s evolution and the different signature sounds of each American region by
      >playing, singing, and demonstrating the different musical techniques that
      >were unique to each period in blues history. He also passionately discusses
      >the history of Blues Melancholia, Delta Blues, Mississippi Blues, Classic
      >Piedmont, West Texas Style, Chicago Blues and Blues on the Rails. The
      >workshop is available online at www.bluesblitz.com/workshop.
      >The BluesBLITZ Web site also offers the only critical guide to the best free
      >blues recordings from anywhere on the Internet, as determined by
      >professional freelance music critics and MUSICBLITZ�s own editorial staff,
      >as well as interviews, historical articles, a glossary of slang, an event
      >listing, a guide to blues radio shows around the world, and much more.
      >�The blues is the story of America,� said Bryan Glover, Executive Vice
      >President of MUSICBLITZ. �In order to help people truly understand and
      >appreciate this special part of our heritage, we felt it was important to
      >work with an expert such as Taj Mahal to present the music in the proper
      >cultural aesthetic and historical context. By introducing BluesBLITZ during
      >Black History Month, MUSICBLITZ is honoring a distinctly American style of
      >music and the artists and fans who are dedicated to keeping its spirit
      >Throughout Black History Month, MUSICBLITZ will donate a pre-determined
      >dollar amount for each song downloaded from the BluesBLITZ Web site. These
      >donations will benefit the Blues Foundation Black History Month charity.
      >Additionally, MUSICBLITZ will donate five personal computers to the
      >organizations of Taj Mahal�s choice, including one Native American school,
      >two Afro-American schools and two Afro-Caribbean schools.
      >�It is important to me that the youth of the world have equal access to the
      >Internet,� added Taj Mahal. �It is in this spirit of remembrance and hope
      >for a better future � forces that are embodied by the blues and BluesBLITZ �
      >that we are making these contributions.�
      >About MUSICBLITZ
      >Based in Los Angeles, MUSICBLITZ is a consumer-oriented music company that
      >is redefining the relationships between consumers, artists and record
      >labels. The company combines traditional record label artist development
      >and off-line marketing practices with technology-enabled distribution.
      >MUSICBLITZ funds established artists to record new singles and then features
      >this exclusive music in the form of free downloads on its site,
      >MUSICBLITZ.com, and in its genre-specific communities. MUSICBLITZ.com
      >offers music fans the only critical guide to free and legal music downloads
      >from anywhere on the Internet. For more information about MUSICBLITZ,
      >please visit www.musicblitz.com.
      >Editor�s Note:
      >BluesBLITZ features exclusive singles from the following artists. These
      >songs can be downloaded for free either at www.bluesblitz.com or
      >� Taj Mahal: Artist, singer, songwriter and noted musicologist who has
      >played a vital role in the preservation of the blues and African-American
      >roots music. In 1997 he won a Grammy Award in the Contemporary Blues
      >category for �Senor Blues.� He also won W.C. Handy Awards in 1991 for
      >Acoustic Artist of the Year, and in 1994 for Traditional Album of the Year.
      >� Koko Taylor: Known as �The Queen of the Blues,� Taylor won a
      >Grammy Award
      >for Traditional Blues in 1984. She has received W.C. Handy Awards for
      >Traditional Female Artist of the Year (1993,1992 and 1999), Entertainer of
      >the Year (1985) and Vocalist of the Year (1985 and 1995). She has been
      >honored with the W.C. Handy award for Contemporary Female Artist of the Year
      >13 times.
      >� Sugar Blue: Respected blues harmonica musician who has
      >recorded with The
      >Rolling Stones and many others. He earned a Grammy Award for Traditional
      >Blues in 1984 for his work on Koko Taylor�s �Blues Explosion.�
      >� Tab Benoit: Critically acclaimed blues guitarist who has made
      >a name for
      >himself playing a personalized mixture of electric blues, rock and roll, and
      >Cajun R&B. Benoit has produced four albums and his songs have been heard on
      >such TV shows as Northern Exposure, Melrose Place, Party of Five, and
      >Baywatch Nights.
      >� Harlem Slim: Profoundly influenced by the likes of Robert
      >Johnson, Johnny
      >Shines, Blind Willie McTell, Blind Boy Fuller and Blind Blake, Harlem Slim
      >is deeply dedicated to the preservation of 1920s and �30s-style acoustic
      >blues. His debut CD, Delta Blues & Piedmont Ragtime, features note-perfect
      >renditions of classics by Johnson, Shines, McTell, Bukka White and W.C.
      >Handy, as well as some impressive compositions of his own.
      >� Bobby Womack: Soul music legend who has racked up several
      >dozen R&B hits
      >during the course of his four-decade career, and has collaborated with the
      >likes of Sam Cooke, Wilson Pickett, Janis Joplin, George Benson and the
      >Rolling Stones. Though not a blues singer by definition, Womack�s new track,
      >"Do Anything For U," reveals that blues idioms are still very much alive and
      >well in the context of modern R&B.
      >� Mississippi John Hurt: Essential listening for any fan of
      >acoustic country
      >blues, Mississippi John Hurt�s gentle, ragtime-inflected guitar picking
      >profoundly influenced the folk music boom of the early 1960s.

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