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Fwd: Friday at GZ: Princess, DJ Panzah Zandahz, & Hot Gurl Party

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  • jason steven murphy
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2005

      > (it'd be appreciated if you forwarded this to all your people)
      > Princess (www.zibbi.com)
      > DJ Panzah Zandahz (www.djpz.com)
      > Hot Gurl Party (too cool for interweb)
      > Friday, December 2nd @ 8pm, Ground Zero, ONLY $3.00!!!
      > MP3s and Directions HERE --> http://www.gzbasement.net/princess.htm
      > Who the hell are all these musicians?
      > Princess - This chicago based cross-dressing experimental-indie-
      > math-rap duo is nothing short of unique. These guys sound like what
      > would happen if you mixed up doom metal, Suicide (the band), Bruce
      > Springsteen, and some drum machines, and then put some out there
      > rapping over it. Plus they have the line:
      > "With friends like these, who needs enemas? There's no 'ass' in
      > 'team.'"
      > DJ Panzah Zandahz - DJ PZ is back from his US tour and is ready to
      > rock out on home turf again in the capital region. He'll be doing
      > be doing, what he describes as, "weirdo shit." Plus if you're
      > lucky, he might spin some records between sets. Did I mention
      > Metroland named this guy "Best Upstate NY DJ" in 2004. WHOHA-BROHA!
      > Hot Gurl Party - Never experienced Hot Gurl Party? Well, it's as
      > good as it sounds, if not better. Blair drops the phat beats and
      > plays the hi-hat, Zane plays the ill bass lines on his barely
      > functioning instrument, and Jake yells/screams/sings and mangles
      > his pseudo-fretless guitar to make some of the most heinous, but
      > lovable noise you've ever heard. These RPI undergrads perform their
      > own form of noisey-indie rock with healthy of dose of phat beats
      > that will blow you away.
      > Need more? Well, download some music or a video from the site.
      > Check it--> http://www.gzbasement.net/princess.htm
      > -Zane (http://www.gzbasement.net)
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