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  • ominous_collective
    Hi All! This is so exciting to announce! Robotzen playing a small venue where you can get right up close. Not to mention at the last kabarett we had people
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2005
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      Hi All! This is so exciting to announce! Robotzen playing a small venue where you
      can get right up close. Not to mention at the last kabarett we had people trek from
      all over the place (NYC, Troy, Seattle!, NH, Montreal) just to see the show! It's been
      amazing and we have YOU guys to thank!

      Hey All, thought you might be ineterested in our latest show.

      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday April 2, 2005:
      Please don't call us electro!
      Robotzen release their second CD The Violence Factors In

      Please don't call them electro or electroclash, Robotzen is very sensitive about
      keeping themselves separated from the pack of retro-80's bands. Think of them
      more as a European style band in the vein of Belgian Praga Kahn, who never
      actually abandoned the 80's, but who has constantly developed over time.
      Obsessive about sampling only their own work, all of their sounds and beats are
      organic, and they master everything on MacG4 Powerbooks.

      Called "poprocktronica", "psychedelic techno", and even "metal" by one reviewer,
      Robotzen have coined their own style of music, which they call Digital Crash. For
      them this term can encompass their love of old masters like Parliament-Funkadelic,
      Curtis Mayfield, and Jimi Hendrix; and their capacity to have alot in common with
      Aphex Twin, Atari Teenage Riot and Switchblade Symphony. The line up includes
      Providence native who goes by the moniker Steve Robot, Austrian actress/singer
      Sue Zen and local arts muse/booking agent DJ-1988. They will be celebrating the
      release of their new CD at the Ominous Collective's monthly series, Kabarett 16-bit
      at the Zeitgeist Gallery.

      Very special guest for this Kabarett 16 Bit will be Catherine Sasanov, poet and
      playwright, reading from her newest work about La Santa Muerte (St. Death) in
      Mexico City. Sasanov is the author of poetry collections Traditions of Bread and
      Violence (Four Way Books) and All the Blood Tethers (Northeastern University
      Press) and librettist for the theater piece Las Horas de Belén: A Book of Hours
      commissioned by Mabou Mines. She has received fellowships from the Rockefeller
      Foundation, the NEA, and Mexico's National Fund for Culture and the Arts, all of
      which have helped her track down the relatives of a long dead Italian saint, bring to
      light the histories of women locked away in the religious sanctuary-turned-prison of
      Belen, and interview the followers of St. Death in Mexico City.

      Also performing that evening will be Ominous Collective members Seven Sunless
      Days (gothic/industrial/darkwave) and The Illegitimate Theatre Company (performing,
      appropriately, an Appalachian-snake-charmer-sounding tune) writer/provocateur
      Edrie, and the mysterious anthropologist by day/bellydancer by night Badriya. With
      non-collective members Tim Olevsky and The Breadweather Biologists. Your host
      will be the ever trashy MC diva Jutta. Ominous Collective's monthly series, Kabarett
      16-bit is at the Zeitgeist Gallery., 1353 Cambridge St., Inman Square Cambridge on
      April 9, 2005 7pm-11:30pm. For more info call 617-495-1742 or
      press@.... $6 Donation
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