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June WomanWords meeting-- Monday evening, 6/24/02

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    ... Guys-- please forward to interested writing women, if you ve got the time! Thanks. Marilyn Subject: June WomanWords meeting-- Monday evening, 6/24/02 This
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      Forwarding this (via cut & paste) from Marilyn Day:

      Guys-- please forward to interested writing women, if you've got the
      time! Thanks.

      Subject: June WomanWords meeting-- Monday evening, 6/24/02

      This is your reminder about the June WomanWords meeting-- that's right:
      meeting, as in singular. You'll recall that, every other month this
      year, we will not have a Sunday session. This is one of those months.
      We meet Monday evening next, June 24, 2002, from 7 to 9:30 p.m. at Albany
      Lifeworks Inc. in the Shaker Park West office building complex in Colonie
      (directions below). As usual, bring writing utensils & paper (or laptop,
      if you choose), and your Muse. Suggested donation is $15/$10 seniors but
      don't stay away if you're a little short this month-- no woman gets
      turned away for such a silly reason.

      This month's theme is Women of Courage. Think about what courage means
      to you... and recall those women that you consider to have performed
      courageous acts. They may be famous... or not so famous. What
      courageous acts have you performed? Sometimes getting out of bed in the
      morning is an act of courage. Sometimes just saying what you think or
      believe was an act of strength that no one else but you (or someone you
      know) seemed willing to do. I have heard a definition of courage that
      says it doesn't mean lack of fear but, instead, fear plus action. Do you
      agree with that? BRING A PICTURE or some token representing one or two
      Women of Courage that you admire/ would like to emulate/ are grateful for
      their having cleared the path before us-- we'll put them on the center

      Try to let me know via e-mail or phone (home message machine-
      518-869-1706) that you will attend. Don't stay away if you forget to
      "sign up"-- you just might want to bring a pillow in case we run out of
      Hope to see you there!

      Blessings, Marilyn

      Albany Lifeworks is in a building in the same complex as where Mandala
      Center for Creative Wellness was located (where WW met for over 4 1/2
      years)-- you just turn into the complex and go to the end of the drive &
      it's on the left.
      If you never got to Mandala, here are more details-- from Route 5
      (Central Avenue coming out of Albany), take right onto Route 155 (New
      Karner Rd.)(almost to intersection when you pass Saturn dealer on your
      right on 5). -- Route 5 is State Street coming from Schenectady, by the
      way, and you'd take a left onto 155 coming from that direction (almost to
      intersection when you pass Price Chopper on your right). NOTE: this
      intersection has 2 gas stations, a bank (HSBC or something) and a
      Rite-Aid on the corner. Shaker Park West is exactly 4/10 mile from the
      intersection of 5 & 155, on the right. The sign for it sits a little
      ways in from the road and there are some trees in front of the driveway
      just before you get there-- so it comes up on you fairly quickly. Closer
      to the road, near the Shaker Park West sign, is a taller Rosetti-Falvey
      real estate sign. You turn into the complex just befor the signs (if you
      pass the signs, you've miss the turn).
      As noted above, go to end of driveway & it's the building on the left.
      It's upstairs and, unfortunately, the building does NOT have handicap
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